was the Word…

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2He was with God in the beginning…..14The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only,[d] who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1:1,2,14

Words- we use them to communicate with our fellow human beings.  Words in themselves are nothing unless strung together to express what someone is feeling.  Language is  a powerful thing; man uses it in many ways, sometimes to convey good things, and sometimes to destroy.  When God refers to Jesus as the Word, He communicates His heart to us through the spoken/written word.  The Bible is God’s gift to fallen humanity, expressing His love for us, and giving us His Truth, so that we may follow Him as we journey through this life.

As I seek God’s direction in the matter of Kate’s disablities, I am aware that 1) He is in sovereign control over the Universe and everything He has made, and 2) He knows all about Kate and our family and has a plan.  The one thing I have learned throughout the years is that nothing happens without His knowledge and without a reason.  I may not understand and I may not like it, but that’s where faith and trust in God comes in: this is not a good situation, Lord, so how will You use it to Your glory?  How will You take this less-than-perfect situation (which applies to everything in our lives) and reveal Your truth to us through it?

Having a child like Kate, who veers dramatically away from the usual, has been a faith-builder for me.  It has been a character-builder.  All of us are by design unique, and our interactions with one another reflect our character.  We are uniquely gifted, with abilities as varied as the number of individuals on the planet.  The synergy that exists among people is fascinating, and to be treasured.  I think especially of teachers, because I have seen their dedication to their students, to the communication of knowledge, and the drawing out of the giftedness of their students.  Somehow they get beyond the quirkiness of kids and see the potential, and work to bring that to the forefront.  With some kids it’s easy.  They’re likeable and agreeable, but with others you have to dig deep and look beyond the mess at the surface to find what’s hidden below.  Kids like Kate are like that, and I am thankful to God that He has given her teachers who have the ability to look below the surface for the real Kate.  My natural tendency is a critical nature; I am impatient with the mess at the surface.  But I am learning to be more patient, to see Kate, and people in general, in a different light.  When we look at people with the light of God’s truth, we can’t dismiss them because they are difficult, or don’t fit the mold, or are downright annoying and a kink in my ordered little world.  They are a a reflection of ourselves, because none of us is perfect, we are all in need of God’s grace, and God’s light in our lives.

When I prayed for help, and found this particular book, I ordered it in hope that God was answering my prayer.  I started reading it immediately when it arrived and realized that He was, indeed, speaking to our need.  The book is Disconnected Kids, by Dr. Robert Melillo.  I was reading about my child, and finally understanding why she behaves the way she does, and why she has grown the way she has.  It was as if God had turned the light on and revealed the problem I couldn’t understand in the dark.  Furthermore, Dr. Melillo had a solution, a way to fix the brain and release these kids from the disorders that have held them captive for most of their lives, some from birth.  You can find more information about Disconnected Kids at Amazon.com.  You can google brain balance, and find all the same things I did.  I searched the internet for everything I could find and read the reviews, good and bad, the magazine and newspaper articles, watched the news show interviews, and read the testimonies of parents whose children had been through the program.  I decided that this was not a scam.  I entertained the possibility that in my desperation I was grabbing onto something that offered hope, but no real substance.  I prayed for guidance, and checked it out to the best of my ability, and came to the conclusion that God had brought a cure for neuro-behavioral disorders into the world through Dr. Melillo.

There were some skeptical reviews, primarily from professionals in one field or another whose training tells them that there is no known cause for or cure for these disorders.  There was one disgruntled parent, to whom others responded, Did you really do the whole program?  Overwhelmingly, the parent testimonies gave glowing, heartfelt thanks to Dr. Melillo and his Brain Balance program.  I decided to go with the parents, the ones who have lived through the nightmare of neuro-behavioral disabilities that you can’t wake up from.

I was impressed with the fact that Disconnected Kids was written as a guide for parents to use at home to help their kids. There are Brain Balance Centers scattered through the US, 32 at this time, but they are not accessible for all families.   I did, however, find the task a bit daunting.  With our schedules, school, work, Kate’s sleep disorder (Advanced Phase Sleep Disorder- she wakes in the wee hours of the morning and is asleep by dinnertime)- finding time to implement the exercises was – well, it just wasn’t working.  I felt frustrated by my inability to work this out.  Besides sensory-motor exercises, there is a dietary component, beginning with an elimination diet to determine what her food sensitivities are.  This takes months, and means eliminating many food categories.  I was dealing with a 13 year old who spends the first 3 or 4 hours of her day alone, and is used to helping herself (regardless of the fact that I have told her not to eat before 6:30).  So I e-mailed Brain Balance.  Can you put me in touch with someone else who is doing this at home?

More tomorrow…


About Gail Aubertin Brunt

I am: a child of God, saved by grace, living by faith. I am: wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, niece, daughter. I am: fallible, yet forgiven, and redeemed.
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